2017 Mazda MX5 Hardtop

"A new effort to broaden the appeal of the MX-5", "Beautiful fastback styling and a new kind
of open-air feel", "
Beautiful fastback styling that resonates with any car lover", "
Style, Unchanging Value, New Name"
are just a few descriptions of the New 2017 Mazda MX-5
RF Retractable Hardtop Convertible revealed by Mazda at the 2016 New York Auto Show.

The design goal for the MX-5 RF was to create the ideal form for a hardtop version of the MX-5. In
other words, it was to achieve an entirely new roof design that combines a beautiful cabin with the
silhouette of a hardtop and the same level of open-air comfort and freedom afforded by the soft-top
version. To this end, Mazda set about creating an uncompromising design based on the following
four ideals.

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