Regular service keeps your car running smoothly and reliably. Your owner's manual will have a schedule for when your oil needs changing, when your timing belt should be replaced and other advice that helps you plan in advance for these necessary services. Keeping your car up to date on the kind of maintenance you can plan in advance for will help to maintain the value of your car so it can give you years of excellent use.

Brakes, oil changes, and tire service are some of the routine services we offer at Tom Bush Mazda. The frequency of which your vehicle needs these services will depend on your style of driving and whether you spend most of your time on the highways of Gainesville or in stop-and-go traffic around Riverside and Ponte Vedra Beach. Not sure when you need your brakes looked at, your oil changed, or your tires rotated? Give us a call and we can help you determine when you should come in.

Larger jobs are less frequent but are things you can expect to crop up eventually, like your timing belt needing replacing, the seals and gaskets in your engine wearing out over time, hoses and belts developing weak points, and other parts slowly aging and needing replacement or repair. Staying on top of the regular little tasks makes a larger job less overwhelming when it's finally time for it.

There are plenty of tasks you can complete yourself if you have a little mechanical knowledge, like changing your oil or replacing air filters. If you don't have time in your busy schedule or auto maintenance isn't your forte, your Mazda mechanic can always help you.

Bring your Mazda to Tom Bush Mazda in Jacksonville for servicing jobs both large and small. Whether you've been in a fender-bender, need regular maintenance, or a long-term maintenance job, we can help. 

Schedule your next oil change, tire rotation or brake service online today. Our Mazda mechanics will have your car back on the roads of Saint Augustine, Jacksonville Beach and Brunswick GA in no time.

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