Tom Bush Mazda Recall Department

Dear Valued Customer,

As a member of our community, Tom Bush Mazda is committed to making the safety of you and your family, as well as your vehicle ownership experience, as great as possible. This is why we are proud to announce the opening of a unique Recall Department at our dealership. Our specially-trained staff is prepared with the knowledge and parts necessary to service your vehicle, and our goal is to make this experience both hassle-free and enjoyable despite the inconvenience of having recall repair work completed on your vehicle.

Our Recall Department offers fast and convenient shuttle transportation to and from your home or work, will wash your vehicle before it is delivered back to you and will perform a multi-point inspection to determine if anything else may require repair on your vehicle. Our mission is to ensure that your vehicle is returned to you in the best condition possible so that you can safely get back on the roads with peace of mind.


Tom Bush Mazda

Check for Mazda Recalls at Tom Bush Mazda

Safety is a top priority here at Tom Bush Mazda, so we offer the services of our Recall Department to help our Jacksonville area community members get the most out of their cars and achieve peace of mind whenever there is a Mazda recall. Not sure if your vehicle has a recall? You can check to see if your vehicle needs attention right here on this page with a few easy steps!

How to Check for Recalls

The first step is to find your vehicle identification number (VIN). This number is unique to your vehicle and can help you find out if your car has a recall.

Your VIN can be found in a few places including:

  • Dashboard on the driver's side where the windshield and the corner of the dashboard meet
  • Insurance card
  • Vehicle title
  • Registration

Once you find your VIN, you can use it to check your vehicle's recall status on this page. Entering your VIN will generate a list of any recalls your vehicle has so that you can see if your ride needs extra attention from our Mazda Recall Department near Jacksonville Beach and Saint Augustine.

What to Do if Your Car Has a Recall

If any recalls turn up when you submit your VIN, all you need to do is give us a call to schedule an appointment for our expert team of technicians to service your Mazda near Ponte Vedra Beach and Brunswick, GA and get it back on the road safely.

Our service experts are highly trained to handle Mazda recalls and return your vehicle to you in the best possible condition. We'll even perform a multi-point inspection while we're at it to make sure your vehicle is in great shape!

If you have any recall questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our team here at our Mazda dealer serving Gainesville, Saint Augustine, and Riverside, FL. We're committed to helping our community members stay safe on the road, so please don't hesitate to connect with us.