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The Best Mazda Maintenance Tip: Getting Your Oil Changed 

Mazda produces a wide range of sporty vehicles for drivers in the Jacksonville Beach area, such as the Mazda Miata, CX3, CX9, Mazda3, and several others. You likely want to do everything that you can to ensure that your beautiful car is running at peak performance and is protected for as long as possible. One of the most important types of maintenance that you can ensure that your vehicle gets on a regular basis is your oil change. At Tom Bush Mazda in Jacksonville, we want you to be informed about all of the ways that you can take care of your Mazda, so we've come up with a list of some of the basics about getting your Mazda's oil changed. 

How Often Should You Change Your Oil? 

One of the first things that you should know is that the old rule about getting your oil changed every three months or 3,000 miles is outdated. Today, most vehicles, including Mazda models, can go anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 miles between oil changes in the Saint Augustine area. The frequency with which you need to change the oil in your Mazda will vary by the model and the year of the vehicle. To find out how often you should have your oil changed in your vehicle, look at your user's manual. 

The Benefits of Scheduling Timely Oil Changes 

You should also know about the importance of changing your oil. Without proper lubrication, the pistons and valves in your engine aren't lubricated. This can lead to major damage, especially when you consider that a new or rebuilt engine can cost thousands of dollars in the Brunswick, GA region. A dirty engine can also cause problems to your manifold, which, again, can cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace. 

When you have your oil changed, this is also a good time to have the technician do some other regular maintenance, such as rotating tires, filling fluid, checking filters, and many other types of maintenance. You can even use your regular oil change as a reminder to have your tire tread checked for more confident drives through the Ponte Vedra Beach area. 

At our dealership near Gainesville, we want you to have the best ideas available to maintain your vehicle and keep it running in the best shape possible. That's why we suggest that you have a book where you keep all your previous receipts for oil changes. Keep it in your glove compartment so that it's easy to find, and you'll even have a record of your maintenance if you ever decide to sell the car in the Riverside, FL community.

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